The Path – Hartford 2010

Like NYC and Cingular before, I didn’t want to be in Hartford, CT.  Aetna sucked.  It was one of the worst places I’ve worked.  It was highly political, employees lived in constant fear of layoffs, it was mostly bumbling Indians on contract and I was stationed at a 2ft x 3ft PLANK with a phone, the worst workspace ever.

But the Aetna cafeteria was awesome.

I toured the Noah Webster house, the Mark Twain house, rode a genuine 1890s coal-driven train, did a train tour of the fall leaves, toured the Mansions in Providence, RI.  I also attended the Valentine’s Day BDSM weekend and the Waterfire show in the canals.  Joined the local Hartford BDSM club and attended a few meetings.  Played pool and got drunk every weekend at the Cadillac Ranch.  Walked the Yale campus and the Foxwoods and Mohegan casinos.

I made several trips to Boston, including the 2011 Boston Marathon weekend.  I spent a weekend in Salem and walked through the witches’ graveyard, visited Fenway Park, rode the MBTA train, ate dinner downtown several times.

The ESPN campus was close by and I often drove past it.  A group of us ate a fabulous breakfast on the Willard Bay and rode the Cross Sound ferry,   Outdoor breakfast with a live band at Middletown on the Connecticut riverfront.  And Connecticut is a gold-mine of old churches.