The Path – Seattle 2007

I didn’t want to do the Cingular project.  It was a rush job, hard limit of ninety days, not a great rate but they pushed me into it.   And it was already fucked.  I salvaged it as best I could but it was bad code, bad design, an idiotic business premise but they wouldn’t change their minds.  I imagine it was junked a few months later.

But I was happy to be back in Seattle.   I rented a room in a nearby house (which I later learned was two blocks from my best friend in Lancaster, CA who’d moved there seventeen years earlier).

The Vogue and Phoenix Underground had shut down, there were attempted resurrections of both but they were a poor imitation and soon failed.  I spent more time at gay clubs on Capitol Hill, did some dating, played pool, drank vodka at The Central in Kirkland.

After Cingular I took a consulting job with Infosys, an Indian company.  I was flying weekly to San Francisco for two months and then at Boeing in Seattle trying to salvage more bad projects.  Infosys was one of the more dishonest companies I’ve worked for, mostly because of the division head, Arindem.

I met Janet in Feb, 2008.  Actually, I’d met her in January at the Seattle Museum but she found my singles ad a month later and emailed me.   We met at a Starbucks, talked for an hour, she blindfolded me, drove me around, led me into a hotel room with flowers, a hot bath, we had sex for a couple of hours and then went to dinner.

I was renting a million dollar house in Redmond for $1000 / month, the owner was a flipper who was caught by the real estate crash.  She was happy for $1K a month and the place was empty except for my bed and clothes.   Janet and I clicked, sex almost daily, anything I imagined.  She drew on me with a magic marker, tied me down with a four-point restraint, etc, etc.   We ate dinner together and other things – community plays, ballet, symphonies…    She was awesome; three inches taller and I think we both liked the height difference.   She was strong and calm, kinky, fearless and I was so comfortable falling asleep with her.

We joined the sex club, did a couple of threesomes.  I never trusted anyone this much.  We’d rent videos, order dinner, laid in bed together watching The Big Bang Theory.   We spent four or five nights together every week.   She was smart, stable and always surprising me.  She took me on a picnic once with no warning.  I fucked this up.  I think I’d have been okay with a decent job.  Janet was a dream woman in almost all respects and I don’t see how I’ll ever replace her.

I quit Infosys in Oct, 2008, they were harassing me about sales quotas and the dishonesty was too much.   I’m not a fucking salesman and there was visa fraud, billing fraud.  I was out of work for the next seventeen months.  During this period, the idea of The Path coagulated in my mind.

That perhaps the past four years weren’t an accident.

That perhaps the unpleasant events weren’t by chance.

If God wanted a ground-level reconnaissance of Mankind, He might induct an agnostic man with limited life experience (for low bias) and a singular, obsessive mindset, then set him traveling around the country. Somebody like me.   And this became one of my theories about The Path.

I had three job offers in March, 2010 and took a six-month contract at T-Mobile, one of my biggest mistakes.  Ultimately it cost me Janet, I accomplished nothing and my next position was at Aetna in Hartford, CT.   I wondered if it was Fate.