The Path – Miami 2007

The concept of “The Path” evolved over time and in Jan, 2007, I still saw only a series of unrelated projects to regain the seniority I’d lost after I left Boise State.   The Miami project was my breakout, a chance to recover.  I’d had a couple of visions but still believed they were separate from work.

I was in Ft Lauderdale but visited South Beach several times, once bribing my way into one of the larger megaclubs.  I spent a weekend in the Keys, ate lunch at Sloppy Joe’s (an Ernest Hemingway hangout, which I knew from Dominique’s journal).   I reached Key Largo at dawn and took a photo.   I walked a couple of miles into the real everglades (no tourists around) with a 9mm handgun and a cell phone.   I did Spring Break in Los Osos along with hundreds of college students.  I spent a weekend in Naples with riverways like Venice.  I got robbed at a club in Coconut Grove.  I did a few speed dating events with no results.  I ate dinner at a small club in Delray Beach with an awesome Sinatra impersonator.   I spent a day at Hollywood Beach.

I shared an apartment with a Morrocan man who had several jobs; delivering pizza, managing maids, cleaning pools, ebay re-sales.   His income was mostly undeclared and he showed me his daily ledger; he was earning around $80K per year with $60K untaxed.   Every week there was new Ebay stuff in the living room, once there were crates of whiskey and he laughed at my expression, popped open a bottle and poured me some shots.

One morning I walked out and the car next to mine was on concrete blocks, wheels gone.  Wow.   A coworker joked to me, “Miami is a place where everyone follows the laws…   of their own country”.   I saw a taxi jump into the opposing highway and exit through an onramp, just to avoid an extra mile of driving.  I suppose Ft Lauderdale is where I got serious about playing pool.   I’d started in Seattle in 2006 but was too busy with dating, the Vogue and work.

Shakar was the most incompetent Indian I’ve known.  He couldn’t even install java properly, I had to fix it for him.  And he destroyed that project in four weeks after talking the CIO into adding him to our team.

I left him and the CIO to their fate (they were fired later) and headed back to Seattle, annoyed and still oblivious to the The Path I was on.